Aims & Activities

Church, Workshops, Conferences and Forums

Every Sunday starts with intercessory prayers. Then the main service begins from 11.00am to 13.00. After the service, congregation socializes with each other while having hot and cold refreshment.

Every Wednesday, charity organizes bible study. Friday is a drop in day for the Local Community to anyone needing to speak with our Pastor for pastoral care. Other events include youth ministry & women ministry.

We organise Annual Workshops, Conferences through which the Church enter into ecumenical relations with others to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reach out to local, national and whole world through mission and evangelism. We bring together participants / delegates and provide people opportunity to think together about a wide range of subjects alongside spiritual refreshment for the participants. Prayer and spiritually group develop a seasonal calendar of special worship events, family and community celebrations and festivals where believers share ideas and create new ones and gather together resources.

Fountain of Refuge Ministries Conferences are fantastic opportunities for Pastors and Leaders to gather together, be inspired through great teaching and connect with others from Leeds and the UK. We encourage Church leaders to invite those who are in leadership and those aspiring to be involved in Leadership. We do this through personal coaching and weekly gathering that culminates in a annual gathering by providing a bible based, spirit –filled, mission and focussed environment for people to grow and connect with Jesus Christ.