The New M-Power project managed by Fountain of Refuge Ministries in Partnership with Myton Community College with funding from the National Lottery Community Fund is to take the teaching of Christian values beyond the Church and build new relationships, to people who are feeling lonely or isolated but struggling with how and where to find new friends and build new social networks, re-connect and build stronger and healthier communities. At the heart of our work is to reach out low income families, destitute, Homeless people in the neighbourhood and spread love and peace. To support families with children with a range of needs.

Our root in Christian faith aims to benefit people who are socially, culturally, spiritually, environmentally and financially disadvantaged. The area has significant amount of different ethnic and cultural grouping following becoming a Home Office dispersal centre the 1999 Asylum and Immigration act and this reflects multicultural area with many people from African, Kashmir, Pakistan and Caribbean populations.
The Church Initiative 2020 and beyond is to embark on a mission of working collaboratively and in partnership with other agencies to ensure the widest range of• services and activities is available that best matches the needs of the communities and to increase their social and economic mobility.

We are now delivering a range of FREE services in Partnership with an aim to ease people in difficulties into new situations.
We address the following issues.

• BME communities who face language barriers,
• Provide appropriate Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)
• Enhance family and social support, and
• Promote friendly networks.
• Increase confidence and self esteem
• Develop pportunities to further their life skills opportunities
• Social mixing
• Opportunities to socially integrate to reduce -stress, depression, isolation and loneliness
• Enhance Employability skills (e.g ESOL), Basic Computer skills, Job search, Job Application forms, Universal Credit Schemes and can get advice on
council Tax, Housing Benefit, Housing, Digital assistance, debt advice
• Improving Healthy Lifestyles, nutrition knowledge, Cooking Cheap and Healthy English meals and taking them out for shopping sessions to learn to
buy affordable healthy food and to pick up money saving ideas.
• Drop In Open Every Friday from 10.00am to 2.00pm Get access to our open space to find unlimited friendships, fun activities, have a chat and
enjoy hot breakfast, light meals, coffee, tea, soups etc for a healthier lifestyle.

Call Now 07898 233 134 (Jane) / 07917 851 173 (Dr Milton)
York Road, 5 Berking Avenue, Leeds, LS9 9LF

The project will be launched on Thursday, 30th January 2020, Venue to be announced soon
Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund


A sexual health (HIV/Aids) project is being developed to operate city wide and mostly in areas Gipton, Hare Hills, targeting areas with high concentration of Black and ethnic communities. Black African people are disproportionately affected by HIV, in 2012 comprising 34%of those diagnosed with HIV in the UK. Despite these statistics the HIV related needs of Black African communities receive neither the attention nor the resources they should from policy makers, decision makers and funders. The BAME Specialist community based sexual health programme working with the following languages: English, Amharic, Arabic, Farsi, French; Kurdish, Somalia, Tigrinya, Swahili and all Black African individuals, families and communities that are affected by HIV Aids in Leeds, to meet the sexual health needs of the “hard to reach and marginalised communities